Introduction to Game Programming

Students learn the basic concepts of programming by creating an iterative project that incorporates logic, functions, loops, and different types of data.


Introduction to Clay Puppets

This class is an introduction to making interactive artwork with clay. Through live demonstrations, students will learn how to use clay tools, modeling techniques, air dry clay, and color surfacing to form a puppet. In the course, students will sketch out a figure of their choice and work with the instructor on the most effective way to break it into puppet parts for the final assembly and installation.

Digital Shoe Design

This comprehensive shoe design course focuses on the fundamental principles of creating a show design from sketch to model to prototype as well as the final product presentation. Students will learn to create mood boards using Conceptboard, CAD modeling in Fusion 360 and product visualization to present their final design.

Writing for Comics

This class is devoted to developing scriptwriting skills for comics, for either major/independent publications or self-publication. Students will complete exercises and compose an original eight-page script with thumbnails for the final project. Emphasis will be on developing mastery of the narrative tools of comics storytelling.

Fashion Marketing & Entrepreneurship

This course covers growing importance of entrepreneurship and new business models in the fashion industry. Students discuss branding, marketing strategy and promotional techniques, and apply these skills to develop a new fashion business concept. Professional presentation techniques for marketing concepts are emphasized in the course project.

Introduction to Acting

Students develop their understanding of the art of acting by participating in exercises and beginning scene study. The rehearsal of scenes is an integral part of the course. Work is done with partners and as an ensemble.

Product Design

This course introduces the process brands use to develop fashion products. Students will conduct trend research and analyze current trends to develop concepts and trend boards and translate these trends into a collection for the season. Topics include the product development process, trend research and concept and line development.

Fashion Styling

This is a survey course exploring the new specialty of fashion styling in the industry. Stylists create the visual fashion story whether it is for art, photography, videos, window displays, or fashion shows. There will be guest lectures with stylists and makeup and hair teams. Models and photographers will be provided for styling projects.

Introduction to Visual Effects

This is an introduction to the visual effects pipeline. You will be walked through the process of creating a short film featuring live action, animation, and other visual effects. We will start with the storyboarding process then move on to working with live action elements, including green-screen characters and background plates. We will animate, light, render, and composite a computer generated character into the shots. Finally we will edit the shots together, color correct and output the final film.

Exploring Animation

A survey of animation techniques, with each week covering a different area of animation. The presentations include visual examples, and explore the principles of animation that are covered in the activity. Activities will have participants coming away with a new animated scene every week.