Figure Drawing

This introductory drawing class focuses on fundamental principles of drawing the nude human figure. An understanding of proportion, gesture, balance, and value will be developed in charcoal drawings from models. Accuracy in representation is emphasized.

Course Syllabus

As a result of successfully completing this course, students...

Will be able to:

  • Draw the human figure demonstrating introductory knowledge of proportions, gesture and balance.
  • Apply charcoal media demonstrating fundamental control of line and tone.
  • Utilize the 5-value system to model form.
  • Draw form and cast shadows demonstrating correct application of hard vs. soft edges.

Will display the following attitudes/ professional behaviors:

  • Accept and apply critiques.
  • Comes prepared at all times.
  • Follows directions; uses appropriate materials.
  • Presents work in a neat and professional manner.

Course Additional Information

*Additional Fees: Occasionally a course will require additional fees. These fees cover labs, materials, equipment costs, and more.

Online Course Start and End Dates: February 19, 2022 — April 8, 2022

Virtual Onsite Course Start and End Dates: February 19, 2022 — March 26, 2022

Course Schedule

Code Start date End date Course Type
AE 11 OLFebruary 19, 2022April 8, 2022Online
AE 11February 19, 2022March 26, 2022Virtual Onsite via Zoom

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